Maggies Housemaids - T h e  C l e a n  E x p e r t s
Maggie's Housemaids quality and difference begins with the highest level of training available in the home cleaning field. Surface care Professionals complete levels of training and must perform a minimum of 2000 Hours of on-site experience to receive our Team Leader positions. Take a moment to see just a few subjects our Maids become fully oriented in:

  • Company policies, rules and procedures
  • Quality Assurance - Customer Satisfaction
  • Technical Skills - Technique and Enhancement
  • Green Cleaning methods
  • Surface identification
  • Surface preservation methods
  • Stain identification and prevention
  • Odor Identification and control methods
  • Advanced stain and odor removal
  • Chemical and Cleaner identification
  • Damage control and prevention
  • Advanced Time and Task Management
  • Basic Vacuum motor Repair and Maintenance
  • Proper equipment and supplies
  • Entry level biohazard identification and removal
  • Entry level home maintenance schedule requirements

Committed to assuring a clean, safe and healthy work place. Each Maggies Housemaids employee is required to undergo Safety Training Programs certified by OSHA and the IWCA to assure a clean, safe, and healthy work place including:
  • Safe Work Practices
  • General and Specific Safety Procedures
  • Accident prevention and reporting
  • First Responder situation identification and usage of our First Aid Kits
Employee Screening
Before hire, each applicant must satisfy a complete background screen including:
  • Comprehensive Reference Check
  • Criminal Background Screen