Maggies Housemaids - T h e  C l e a n  E x p e r t s
Must I be at home during my cleaning?
It's your choice. Various Clients schedule there cleanings around their schedule and assign us a key or form of entrance. Alarm systems can either be left off or you can give us entry/exit codes. By far, the most efficient and problem-free way for everyone is for you to give us a key and alarm codes.
How do you protect my keys?
Your key is secured in a locked key storage device to which only Maggie's Housemaids supervisors and operators have access. The key is then issued to your assigned Maid or Surface Tech on the day of your service. Upon returns the keys are checked back in with management where it returns it to the secured storage. In the unlikely event your key is lost we will re-key all necessary locks.
How many people clean my home?
Maggies Housemaids assigns a single surface care professional to every home for higher quality service. As our relationship grows, your assigned maid will make detailed notes about your home every cleaning and increase quality every time. On occasion we may bring another person for training purposes. Expect a visit from our Head surface care professionals to clean your home for quality assurance on occasion as well.
What if I would like something cleaned that is not part of your house cleaning service?
Maggie's Housemaids will work with you as best as possible and communicate your needs to your assigned surface care tech or Maid. Please a full list of other services we provide along with your house cleaning.
Do I need to provide my own house cleaning products?
No. Maggie's Housemaids provides its own equipment and supplies necessary to clean and protect your homes surfaces. However, because Maggies Housemaids is flexible, if requested and provided, we are happy to clean with your preferred products. We recommend to leave to the pro's to help consult you in choosing the right product.
Will I always have the same person come every cleaning?
We make every effort to keep your assigned maid cleaning your home. But because of promotions, lifestyle changes, and other factors, we do not guarantee the same person will come out every time. We will however send you a pic along with your service reminder of the person coming to clean your home that day.

Are your Maids trained and supervised?
Absolutely. Every maid undergoes a minimum 3 month or 420 hour supervised probation. During probation every maid completes an in-depth complete 24 course study. Before her promotion every maid must also receive 5 recommendations to make sure they are ready. Head surface care professionals undergo advanced training skills.
How do I pay for your residential cleaning services?
Payments are due before each service by check or credit card. Payment is processed on your cleaning date.
What are your rates for your house cleaning service?
Many factors play into the cost of your home during your initial and routine cleanings. It is best to contact  Maggie's Housemaids for an estimate. Our sales consultants will walk you through our cleaning processes and provide you with a price for a service that has been created to fit your specific needs. Offices provide free, no obligation estimates for cleaning service right over the phone!
Is the work of your house cleaning service guaranteed?
Delivering consistent quality cleanings and client satisfaction is important at Maggie's Housemaids. We will make sure we perform every tasks asked. If the problem is due to quality resulted from cleaning a surface with a basic approach that does not remove or produce the quality desired then rate changes may apply to reach that standard.
Am I liable for worker's compensation, insurance or employment taxes?
 No. We’ve taken care of all the paperwork including state and federal taxes. Unlike independent maid services that leave homeowners liable. We do as much to make us a simple, worry-free home cleaning service solution.
Will your team get on step ladders to clean high areas?
Maggie's Housemaids utilizes  only our step ladders in order to remove grease build up in high to reach areas. Maids have been trained and informed on how to properly and safely use our step ladders.

What should I do before a home cleaning service?
Ensuring all connections and utilities are running properly and removing any clutter are part of a set of tasks that we recommend you perform before we arrive. Before your first service, we will provide you with a checklist for your home.
What time does Maggies Housemaids arrive?
Maggie's Housemaids will provide you with a time gap for which the team should regularly arrive. Maggies Housemaids does not guarantee your assigned maid will arrive at your scheduled time. If for any reason you require a more precise time of arrival, you may speak with your head housekeeper for more assistance in your situation.
What if something is damaged during a home cleaning?  
We treat you and your home as if it where our own. If something does unexpectedly break, we will make sure to inform you.
What happens if I need to reschedule my service?
Maggies Housemaids will work with you and your schedule. Simply call us within 72 hours of your next cleaning service and we will either place you a “one-time” cleaning schedule and resume normal cleanings afterwards, or you may just decide to skip the cleaning until the next cleaning if rescheduling is too much change for you.
What if my home cleaning falls on a holiday?
We call to reschedule for a more convenient time when house cleanings fall on holidays. Your local Maggie's Housemaids will also remind you about additional maid services in which you may have expressed an interest. Perhaps that means an additional clean prior to a big holiday party. If you've scheduled that extra holiday cleaning service, canceling or rescheduling does requires 72-hours notice.
How does Maggies Housemaids disinfect homes with green cleaning products?
Maggie's Housemaids cleans its homes we use e-cloth. We believe in maintaining the health of our families and communities. And we believe we can do so without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals. Our natural methods even show that germs are not becoming resistant or tolerant to these solutions.